Missing artwork for some TV series

TV show folder missing cover art happening again. Don’t think it was due to 6.4.3 but I’m not certain. All cover artwork I believe was fine yesterday but a couple of them are not working now. I’ve tried renaming the folders and file names. Nothing is working, maybe some sync issues with TMDB? Either way it was fixed for me in 6.4.2 and may have been fine in 6.4.3 but now not working for all tv shows.

Not sure what is going on but TV shows use TheTVDB not TMDB. Did you check on TheTVDB and see if the artwork is still there? I have one series that is not showing the series poster but is showing the season posters. Still hammering that one out.

I have several of those missing series poster things as well. Albeit a slight variation on it. In the TV Shows list of shows a marquee of the Recently Added list,and in that I see Central Park, when I enter the list of is conspicuously missing the image!

I figured it had something to do with the changed Metadata storage…

Yes the TV show has artwork in TVDB. It’s a pretty popular show, The Handmaid’s Tale. Just like you, I have 2 TV shows with cover artwork missing, the season artwork is fine and there. Rest of my TV shows are also working properly. I have tried a variation of name changes to try and fix this issue, but none have worked. What’s interesting was that I clearly recall no issues with this just a couple days ago. Every one of my TV show artwork originally disappeared with 6.4, then they all came back and was fixed with 6.4.1. Then came 6.4.2, which seemed fine as well. Downloaded 6.4.3 a couple days ago, and could have sworn all shows were fine at first, but last night noticed 2 shows not having artwork.

Could you share the titles of the two that are being cantankerous?

After going through my entire TV library of around 600 series (15K+ episodes) I now have a single hold out. “Live PD: Police Patrol”. It was working and now it’s on vacation for the series poster. Like you, I have the season posters but no matter what I edit, change, curse, or point a finger at it still won’t pick up the series poster that TVDB has available and waiting.

The Handmaids Tale\Season 1\The.Handmaids.Tale.S01E01.Offred.BluRay.1080p.DD5.1.H265

This file/folder title worked fine just a couple days ago with no artwork issues.

I’ve tried changing Handmaid to Handmaid’s, also tried adding (2017) to the main folder name. Neither worked. Other problem is if there’s a way to rename it to fix the issue, will that truly fix it for good since this was just working fine a couple days ago with the current file/folder titles. And that’s why I’m wondering the cause of the issue, is it something on the TVDB side or maybe an integration issue between the website and Infuse.

I was just getting ready to be brave and try an Edit Metadata on The handmaids Tale and before I could I got a notice that there’s ANOTHER tvOS update to 13.4.6 that was just released today. I wonder if there’s any relation to it and this problem…

Apple released several updates today, also one for iPhone iOS.

Is your Handmaid’s Tale artwork working properly right now already or no?

Well, here’s where the fun begins…

I looked at my library and it was showing the series poster for it so I went to the share where the series is located and opened the series folder and then each of the season folders to make sure the individual episodes all had their season posters. Well, when I backed out to the list of series the poster that was there when I started was there for about 2 seconds and then it disappeared and left the blank ticket poster.

Now it’s gone and I’m working up the courage to do an edit metadata and see if it comes back. LOL

and after doing an edit metadata, it updated the season posters to the ones currently with the highest favorites and still a blank series poster.

Oh well, it’s all in a days work. :man_shrugging:

Did you update to 13.4.6 already and go back a try an edit metadata to see if maybe the OS was causing a problem?

oh no, sorry to hear that, hope everything gets updated and fixed soon.

I have not updated to 13.4.6 yet, but I will do that tonight and provide an update. I did update my iPhone to the latest version this morning and all the tv shows with missing artworks remain the same.

I’m guessing all of these OS updates are just fixing the jailbreak vulnerability before too many try to take advantage

Updated to tvOS 13.4.6 and still the same issue. Last night, I also tried clearing up all metadata and re-indexing a couple times. Both times resulted in the same exact two TV shows not loading artwork.

These shows may be remnants from the prior changes at TVDB and are just now coming to light. I guess we’ll keep hammering on it.

Yeah, I’m thinking the same, probably an issue with TVDB. Thanks for the suggestions. Hopefully there’s a fix soon and something that’ll help the overall metadata indexing in the future.

You said you had two shows, the handmaids tale and what was the other one? I may get bold and tempt fate again.


Gintama\Season 02\Gintama S02E01

TV Show artwork was working just a couple days ago with this name/title as well.

I’ll create a test set and give it a spin in a little bit when I get to the dungeon.

Well I get the individual season artwork and the textual metadata but no series poster so something is amiss.

I’m going to guess that their new API and database are not quite in sync for all series. They seem to work pretty fast once an issue is determined. Hopefully there won’t be many like these few.