Misbehaving 1st Gen Apple TV



since the last couple of updates my Apple TV has been misbehaving.

Symptoms: ATV continually hangs. When playing music to remote speakers, it was a very unreliable.

Nito TV would continually hang/require hard reboot (pull plug out).

I had the latest version of software and plugins installed.


For now I have actually removed ATV Flash, as it's become unusable.


Any ideas? Are there any patches on the way to improve general reliability?








Do you recall the AppleTV/aTV Flash software version info you were previously running?

From memory it was Apple TV 3.0.2. I was the latest version of Firecore.


I just did a Factory Reset and then re-installed ATV flash today and ran the auto updater. So it's up to date as of today. To try and get around the issues, I have unplugged it from the TV and have it plgged directly into the speakers, with sole purpose - plat music. So a bit sad... but hopefully it will behave.

Update: after resetting everything yesterday and installing latest versions of AppleTV and then Firecore, the  AppleTV is still misbehaving. For example, it was working fine last night. This morning it won't wake up. I need to pull the plug out and reboot it.

Is your AppleTV connected via HDMI or component cables?

Is an AV receiver in the mix (with regard to video), or is it connected straight to the TV?

Direct to TV with HDMI cable

Direct to TV with HDMI cable

BTW, one otherthing I noticed... it seems to get very hot. Could it be shutting down due to over heating or something?