Mirroring a Mac on AppleTV with aTV Flash?

Ok. I am a newbie. Just installed aTV yesterday and it worked like a charm. Thanks guys for making something that I initially perceived as a source of would be troubles. Took a big 5 minutes. Worth every penny.

Now my question or objective: I am looking to find a way to be able to connect my iMac with the AppleTV connected to my HDTV so I can see and HEAR whatever is going on on the iMac screen. Simply: If I run a movie streaming from a Web site on my iMac, I want to see the movie also on my TV (ninjavideo.net) - mirror. On my iMac, it works great but I don’t want it to be right beside the TV so the reason for me to try to use the AppleTV to connect the two. The iMac is also connected to my iPhone using VPN. So I can control the iMac remotely.

At present, I connect to ninjavideo by using and old 500 MegaHertz PC running XP which in turn is plug to my TV using the PC Video and Audio Input connections. It works, but going through all the procedures before the launch of the movie is very long…

Any hacker out there that can send me on the right track to achieve this? Or any other suggestions to be able to view Ninja with AppleTV? (Couch Surfer cannot do this because I need to have 2 windows open at the same time).


I think what you want is the SlingCatcher.

Or try running Remote Desktop backwards from aTV to the iMac.

Good luck!