MiRow - Missing Features

Purchased and downloaded MiRow via MacUpdate Promo.

G5, Dual 2.0, OS 10.5.6

Missing some features:

Media and Internet are present in Front Row but Sapphire, RSS, Weather, Standby are mia.

Initial install failed!, reinstall indicated successful install. Restarted, Repaired Permissions, what now?


 Media = Sapphire, hense the "S" in the Icon, but unsure why others are missing.

Hopefully someone will assist with the other missing items.

The Weather, RSS and Standby options should be visible towards the bottom of the list in Front Row. If they're not that there please submit a support ticket and we can troubleshoot further.

Nope, those items are not anywhere in the list.

I will submit a ticket.


I installed miRow on my g5 also had same problem. Then i installed on mac mini intel and all works great. I think miRow is not compatible with G5 Chip only intel.



Which version of OSX are you running on your G5?

 Im using 10.5.8

We're working to address issues specific to PPC systems. A fix for these issues will be available in a MiRow update that will be available soon.

Sorry for the trouble.