Mirco-USB Connecting No Light, Jailbreaking

Hello. I have an black Apple TV, 3 days old, and i want to jailbreak it.

But, when i plug my apple tv into the computer, nothing happens, no light or something.

I tried with several usb cables, nothing happened.


Is my usb port dead, or a software problem?

How can i fix this?




You should certainly get the little LED flashing on the ATV2.   The fact that you do not strongly suggests that power is not getting over the USB lead to the ATV2.   Just a check - you are not trying to connect via a USB hub - that is very likely to fail.

Maybe the micro-usb cables are not good, so it cant get the power it wants?

That is possible, but you said that you had tried several cables with the same result which I thought made this less likely. However you are correct in that it could be the cables.

I have the same problem. All other devices connected to my macbook are working via USB. I can’t seem to get the ATV to be recognized… any suggestions?

Plug power cable in, then usb.

 BTW you have ATV3(I’m sure 200%), so there is no JB for it atm.

Yeah you are right! Just disnt realize there was a atv3… Need to watch the apple events a bit more closely!
Lets hope for a quick solution… I switch back to atv1 for the moment :))
Thanks for the fast reply!

Sorry for being a newbie at this, but I have just bought a new Apple TV2 and I have the very same problem the light will not come on with just the usb plugged in.

I know the cable is good, I have read whats above what is this ATV3 you talk about I assumed the one I had is a ATV 2?

Thanks for any help

EDit : I think I have found the answer in your signature. 2012 ATV’s are 3’s and of course its not working as you said there is no jailbreak for this. 


I am off to sit in the corner with the dunce cap on lol

 I bet £10 it is atv3. You owe me already! :slight_smile:

P.S. NEVER EVER say this again : ‘‘Sorry for being a newbie at this’’.    Especially with women .               -this one for free. 8)


PMSL … that the fastest way I have lost £10 :wink:


Thanks for the advice :wink:

debt written off  ‘‘for being a newbie at this’’  and for PMSL.

Take care mate. :wink: