Minor metadata meltdown?

Have no clue what is happening, but all of a sudden Season are Series. I read that this should be for UK only, but I am in the Netherlands. Setting is just English.

But the biggest issue is, that infuse cannot identify about 80% of my TV Shows. They are all under Others. Identifying them manually fixes it, but that is not the solution. Also seeing the numbers below the TV Shows again. Or TV Shows are showing the correct artwork, but the TV Show Name is incorrect.

I cleared metadata 3 times already. Switched of iCloud sync., I am lost. Never had this many issues…

This started 1-2 days ago, just for info.

Check here

I’d say wait till the next update and see if that fixes things. Did you check to see which English you had selected on your ATV or iOS device?

For the Series vs Season, I can live with that.

Infuse never missed to identify aTVShow, before. That is why I am surprised that all of a sudden 2000 of the 2500 episodes are under Others. I simply did a “scan for changes” with this as result. All TVShows were fine before this. Probably also explains why the artwork still is OK.

Metadata language was set to English, no country in brackets.

When you go to the Settings on your ATV (Not in Infuse) under General > Language and Region > Apple TV Language when you click on that you will see the different options for English.

Language there is English (US) and region Netherlands.

Regarding the TV shows, could you provide a sample of how you have the file named on one of the ones that isn’t be found?

Breaking Bad (2008)/
Season 04/
Breaking Bad (2008) S04E10 - Salud.mkv

Could you try renaming that one to “Breaking Bad S04E10 - Salud.mkv” without the year?

Yup, that was it. First I renamed the filenames for Breaking Bad only to not include the year. That did the trick.

I think I also found what the issue was. I played around with tinyMM to see if I was missing episodes. And maybe was a bit too fearless and renamed the files. That the year was included did not catch my attention. Since the folder names stayed the same (including year).

Now I ran filebot with the Plex binding for TV Shows and all is fine again. Interestingly the Plex binding also removes the year from the folder name.

Lesson learned, read before clicking.

Thanks for the help.

Glad to hear it! I learned my lesson the hard way too. I found the basic rule of thumb is TV shows, no year right after the name and Movies always a year right after the name. There are exceptions for TV shows but their rare. Usually when there are multiple TV series with the same name only produced different years.

Yeah saw that. After running filebot, two Shows still had a year, Battlestar Galactica (2003) and Doctor Who (2005) and they have indeed shows from different years, era’s.

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