Minor EyeTV and nitoTV problems


I am running EyeTV 3.01 with success on my AppleTV to record TV.

 There are a few annoyences:

- After quitting EyeTV the Finder restarts.

- EyeTV stores its program-guide in the application support folder on the OSBoot image. After restart I have to make it writable via terminal or script. Any way to make automatic wirtable?

- To start a scheduled recording, EyeTV puts a program "EyeTV Helper" to the login objects of frontrow. It works as long as ATV is not restarted. After restart the helper program vanishes from the start objects. Any suggestions to start it automatic with any start of ATV?

Thanks, Frank.

I am running the same version on my AppleTV (apple software 302, aTV flash 412)

I also saw the finder restarting sometimes after quitting EyeTV. But I wonder if EyeTV really quits or hitting Menu on remote simply switches to finder. In this case it is possible that the AppleTV has some problems with its low memory: trying to keep EyeTV open while browsing the finder could be hard with just 256Mb.

The strange thing that happens to me is that sometimes EyeTV loads quite fast (1 minute or less) and sometimes it takes ages (5-7 minutes). This happens randomly.

Do you experience de same behavior?