Minor curiosity: Why does the XBMC icon have a sub-menu?

Love Firecore, have recommended it to tons of folks.  And I love tweaking my ATV2!


Just curious, but how come when I launch XBMC from the main screen icon, I see a second screen that says “XBMC: XBMC” that I have to launch, in order to get into XBMC?   I’m thinking this is “normal,” but it’s not consistent with the others, so I am curious.  Why can’t it just go straight into XBMC, without that middle screen (like Plex, or CouchSurfer do?)  Is there a way to change this behavior?

Oh this annoys me greatly as well.  

Though this is not James at Firecore’s responsibility, it is because the XBMC folks do not build XBMC for the aTV.  It is build for all platforms and tweaked to fit on aTV.  The XBMC team would need to fix this I believe.

It must be a function of the latest iOS/atv firmware build as that’s the only thing that changed to make this happen.

I don’t think that is true – I had the same thing with XBMC and iOS 4.x.

Well that is bizarre.  I just upgraded from 4.3 and atvFlash 1.5 and xbmc booted up without the sub-menu.  I only got that sub-menu going to latest flash/firmware.  Weird.


Now I have to try to remember if there was a hack I installed ???

I’d love to get rid of that submenu too.