Minimum folder contents for fetching TV Shows metadata?

Hi all

What files should a TV Show folder contain when fetching metadata from the Internet ?
Is the video file itself enough ?

For example, i have now :

→ Season 01
→ folder.jpg
→ Alias - S01E01.mkv
→ Alias - S01E01.xml
→ Alias - S01E01.jpg

If I chose to fetch metadata from the Internet, can I simply delete all xml and jpg files and only leave the mkv files alone in the folder ?
If so, will the metadata be fetched everytime I access the folders or are the metadata stored somewhere once fetched the first time ?


All you need is the video file itself (contained inside a folder, or not) and Infuse will fetch the rest of the info from TheTVDB.

This info remains cached on the Apple TV, and will not need to be fetched again.

Thanks !

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