Minimize Black Bars Setting

Watching movies in all of their glory or how directors would call “how they were intended to be watched” is great for truly widescreen movies that were shot in 2:40.1 or in IMAX 1.90:1 aspect ratios. It would however be nice to have a minimize black bars setting that would let you adjust the black bars up to a certain percent like 5%-20%. This would in particular be good for movies that are shot or digitally mastered in 2.00:1 aspect ratios like Jurassic World (2015) which give a mini black bar feel but would be nice to view it in full screen (16.9) without adjusting the TV settings.

You can actually do this in the current version by adjusting the Zoom setting found in the Video section of the Playback Menu (swipe down while a video is playing).

There are a number of preset options (2.35:1, 2:39:1, 2:40:1, etc…) which allow you to crop all or just a portion of the black bars.

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Thank you for the quick reply James. I just found this option that you were explaining and it was exactly what I was looking for! Cheers!

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