Mini Series Chernobyl problems finding metadata

anyone having trouble getting that HBO Mini Series Chernobyl recognized ? there are lots of chernobyl suggestions in there but the correct one is misslng

How do you have the files named?

If you format the file names as “Chernobyl S01E01.mkv” and so on it will pick it right up.

Just tested it. :wink:

Ok I just had them with E01,E02, etc. since its a mini series and of course there will be no 2nd season, but thanks :cowboy_hat_face:

Did that fix it?

yep thanks, maybe you can help me with another thing, do you also have no pictures of the actors when you enter a specific movie ? , when I scroll down to see the actors there are no pictures, just ugly looking grey boxes.

The actor pictures will be coming in a future update, there is a major change in metadata sources coming so when everything starts coming from TMDB they will add the actual pics. Right now it’s just a place holder. :wink:

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