Mini player for macOS

Hey team, is it possible to have a sort of miniplayer as an extension of the main app? Something that we can use as a media player for files on our Macs without it being part of the “Infuse” ecosystem?

Would it save on processing load if videos were able to be played without the whole infuse library opening first? I have a cloud based system but videos are always tested on my Mac first for quality and fixing up subtitles and stuff. At the moment opening a video with infuse as the default app to open with takes a bit. I get that infuse has become more of a media library/hub than it is a quick media player so I totally understand if this isn’t a feature you’re concerned with looking into. Just thought I would ask while i has the chance to :heart:
I was lucky enough to get in on the infuse train early, way back in 2013 and have been able to see it grow over the years you guys should be so proud :heart_eyes: