Migration from infuse pro 5 (stand alone) to infuse pro 6 (subscription), the library is null in 6

I recently upgrade my infuse pro 5 ( stand alone) to infuse pro 6 (subscription). It seems that the library in infuse pro 6 is null.

How do I really do the library migration from 5 to 6 ? I really hope not to do it once again myself as I got a lot of files from google drive. Scanning from google drive take a long time to finish.

Thank you

Sorry I don’t think you can import from stand alone to the new version Upgrade for Pro5 to Pro6 - #3 by james

arhhh, it’s very disappointing. It is 2019, not 2009. Library migration from earlier version not available seems very odd nowadays. Anyway, if so, I will keep using my infuse pro 5 until I find the needs to upgrade.

Thank for your reply

I know it’s a chore but the biggie for me that makes it all worthwhile is that now the metadata will be in iCloud and not on the device at the mercy of other apps that may get space hungry and cause Infuse to have to rebuild from scratch every time it happens. Plus with the new innards and optimizations that have been added it’s not to bad having to do another rebuild.

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