Migrating to a new external Hard Drive – Superduper?

Hello all,

Has anybody managed to migrate from 1 external drive to another using superduper (or similar)? I now have 90gb worth of data so the thought of syncing it all to a new drive is not an attractive one.

Yesterday I cloned my external hd across to a new 500gb one. I only had a chance to test it quickly before I left for work but with the new drive connected I just got a HDCP error, the only thing I can think of (other than superduper will not work for this) is that the name of the old drive was externalmedia (or similar) and I called the new one apple TV, I’ll rename the new one to match the old one tonight but I am wondering if it could be that simple?

Has anybody managed to successfully migrate to a new drive?

Many Thanks

You can clone the drive, but the new drive will need to have the same name as the original (MediaHD).

Below is a guide that describes how to clone the drive using Disk Utility.



I tried superduper last weekend and it has worked fine. I added a WD passport 500gb, it does seems a little slower but works fine.