Migrating from Pro 5 to Pro 6?

That’s makes little sense… if the app is available to purchase in the stores, it should auto-push the upgrade. And yes, I am signed in with the same Apple ID used to make the purchase.

I already try that, i can wait till tomorrow.

I think is app store issue, i download infuse 6 the free app version in the iphone and is not listed as pucharsed.

Now just show up the app in purchase.

I downloaded a free app and then the app was there.

Good tip! This has also worked for me on the Apple TV 4K. Will try it on the phone… thanks hhmora!

Was on Pro 5 standalone, have upgraded to Pro 6 standalone.

In Pro 6, my library is empty, although cloud sync is enabled.

Do I have to set everything up again??? I’ve had to do this so many times in the past - I’m sick of it.

I’ve got multiple shares on multiple NAS targets, and terabytes of data. It’s not a small task.

FYI - it didn’t work for the iOS app - still not upgrading. I mostly use it on the ATV4K so not a major issue at this moment. The iOS App Store shows Infuse 6 and has a ‘View’ option that leads to purchase/upgrade prices. Infuse Pro is installed and functional on the iPhone, but it just doesn’t seem to see any upgrade. Will give it some time.

I have Infuse 5 PRO standalone and have just upgraded to 6 then paid for lifetime PRO. AppleTV now has both apps, but 6 is a fresh install and not a migration. I will wait for hopefully an upgrade to do this migration for nice not to redo from scratch.

Great! :smiley:

Unfortunately Infuse Pro 6 uses a new iCloud setup, and will not sync with Infuse Pro 5.

Those using the free Infuse 5 (now Infuse 6) app will be automatically migrated since it’s an update of their current app, so the data is available locally.

This is absolutely appalling. Infuse 6 was supposed to prevent this from happening, not force users to have to set up everything from scratch all over again.

I opened a ticket about constantly losing my metadata in Infuse 5, and the official reply was to upgrade to Infuse 6, which would “fix” it, but you’ve just put me through having to repeat the same BS all over again.

You’d think after the last metadata fiasco you would have done something to help your paying users migrate without setting off a process that takes hours. If I had known this was the upgrade path you planned I would never have bought the new version.

I bought infuse 5 pro last year which allowed me to get hd audio and from what you said I’m allowed to upgrade to infuse 6 which doesn’t even play the file in hd audio. so what’s the point of even installing infuse 6?

I dont understand … I am using Infuse Pro 5.9.6 (2484) on my iPad pro , where is the update for that version ?
is it Infuse Pro 6 - upgrade for 26€ ? , the normal Infuse Pro 6 cost 28€ ! is it yearly ?

I guess I’ll leave infuse forever and go for VLC media player, when the movie is on it’s exactly the same

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