Migrating from Pro 5 to Pro 6?

Hello, Infuse 6 is here, at last !
Got a problem, I bought Infuse Pro 5 on my Apple TV 4K and have it installed on many devices (TV 4K, 3 iPhones, 2 iPads) and now it’s migrating time.
BUT, when I choose to restore my Pro purchase on Infuse 6 : Problem !
It doesn’t want to restore.

Any solution ?

Many thanks

Did you download Infuse 5 and then do an in app purchase to pro or did you purchase the Infuse 5 Pro stand alone?

The Stand Alone version

If you purchased the stand alone Infuse 5 Pro then you’ll either need to purchase the standalone of Infuse 6 Pro or get the Infuse 6 with in app purchases and start a subscription to 6 pro as far as I know.

The stand alone version only covers updates with that version, so Version 5 woud be good for all updates until version 6. A subscription will be good for all updates for as long as the subscription is active including whole number versions like version 6, 7, etc.

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Will the new subscription be free ?

No, the pricing will be on the app store as detailed here Infuse Pro: Purchases, Upgrades, and Family Sharing

Infuse 6 is a free upgrade for all Pro subscribers (monthly, yearly, lifetime).

If you have the standalone Pro app, there are discounted options available.

More info on these can be found near the end of this post.

Ok thank you for the fast answer.
Finally, I subscribed the lifetime option. It worth it and it rewards your awesome job.

On my ATV 4K everything updated automatically when i started infuse. So far so good.

But i see no changes at all…

But the version is 6…

Are there only changes “under the hood” or are there things different in pro 6 vs pro 5?

Is a bug in the iphone app?

I upgrade from pro at the app in the ipad and in the iphone is asking me to pay again. In the aplle tv all ok

Did you select “restore purchase”. You may need to do that.

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I have a ticket in regarding this as neither my ATV4K or iPhone X are able to upgrade without re-purchasing. I’ve been running Infuse Pro (lifetime subscription) but the App Store on TvOS only offers a purchase option, and the App Store for iOS only shows an ‘Open’ option. Both ATV4K and iPhone X are running 5.9.x. Any suggestions?

More info on what’s new can be found here.

If you have the in-app subscription, Infuse 6 will be an update for your existing app, so you won’t need to install a new app. :slight_smile:

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I do have the lifetime subscription - purchased via iOS App Store in Dec. 2017. All previous upgrades have occurred automatically, but so far not for this release. I have located my receipt from Apple to prove I purchased the lifetime subscription and can attach to the ticket if necessary. Ticket is #115333.

I made the infuse pro 6 - upgrade from infuse pro 5 in the ipad. in the ipad all right and in the apple infuse pro 6 just appeared at the moment but not in the iphone. In the iphone ask me to pay again.

It may just be a delay in the app becoming available in your particular region. Sometimes restarting the device can help force things to update.

Can you check and see if Infuse Pro 6 is listed in your list of Purchased apps?

More info here.

I am in Canada, but the Canadian iOS App Store shows Infuse 6 - but no upgrade or purchase option - just an ‘Open’ option which takes me to the 5.9.6 (2484) version that’s installed. Same on the ATV4K - Infuse 6 is in the Canadian App Store but only with a purchase option. I’ve tried restarting both devices with no success. I have not uninstalled and tried to install/restore as it should auto-upgrade. Further thoughts?

I’d give it a few hours, and see if things clear up.

Apple’s official guidelines say apps may take up to 24 hours to be available everywhere, but it usually happens much faster.

There is issue, in the apple tv is in purchased app but in the iphone and ipad dont.

Are you logged in with the same App Store ID?

You can share Infuse Pro 6 via Family Sharing, but this needs to be setup on your device first.

You can also try force-closing the App Store app and reopening to see if that helps.