Migrating from 4.x to 5.0

Where’s the option to migrate from 4.x to 5.0? None of my settings got imported, which is fairly massive.

No such options, unless you have a jailbroken device, which is off the topic.

Unfortunately there’s no way to migrate info from v5 to v5, but data saved in v5 will be synced to iCloud which will allow you to easily restore it when adding or replacing devices in the future.

Is there a plan to add migration?

Not at this time. Sorry.

This is all very confusing. I have both 4 and 5 now on my iPad but my content is only viewable with 4, as it is stored somewhere “inside” of 4.
[BTW It’s hard to tell them apart, their icons are identical, a slight change would be very helpful.]

I can’t move my content from 4 to 5 it seems. OK. But I’m not synching 20GB up to iCloud, then redownloading it to the same iPad! I don’t have that much space or time.

I paid for PRO (4) and I love it – umm so what happens now? (how long before it dies on the vine?)

Using Infuse has been a huge time saver and fun, but recently it seems headed to become a time synch, and it’s worrying.

I don’t care a bit about splitting my iPad screen, many of us don’t – nor about most of the iOS 10-related stuff.

I have been paying to support the developer, but there is a lot of conflicting talk knocking around, for example getting a “code” for Infuse 5 if you bought 4 after some date. A code? What kind of code is that?? But if you upgraded V4 to PRO then by going to 5, you will lose your PRO status?, or so it seems.

I tried for 45 mins to grasp what my best plan of action is, but finally I just deleted 5 from my iPad and will just use my paid PRO V4 until it no longer works.

I am a s/w developer myself, so I have keen appreciation for the difficulties of carrying out migrations and all of that.

But I’m too tired at the end of a long day to wade through blogs and forums trying to understand what’s going on here.

And the fact my 20GB of movies stored “inside of” version 4 cannot be “moved” or “shared” over to version 5, without first synching it all to iCloud or something? I have not enough time for all that.

I hope my little rant helps others who are frustrated know they are not alone. I end by saying Infuse is GREAT.

I did the same. Deleted v5 and stayed with v4.

None of the features of v5 are enough for me to be bothered to manually manage the migration.

The developers may be good at video software, but they do not have a handle on user needs, or good user experience.

I agree.

While I still like Infuse, I am confused about the future direction.

Offering separate subscription vs. paid app is confusing enough, with vague “version 6 will be out in 12 to 24 months” which makes paid app a poor value. I wish the developer took the bold stance and just admit to moving to subscription model (with $4.99/month promo being made permanent).

To make the matter worse, version 5 is mostly under-the-hood update, without updating video library page, which looks vastly outdated (still can’t even separate TV show vs. movies or organize by TV show).

FWIW I have separate Movies and TV shows in my library on V4.

I’ve been a longtime fan of the Infuse app. I even bought the Infuse 4 Pro. Version 5 is lame. So I’ve reverted back to Infuse 4 Pro.

Plus, us Pro users didn’t get an upgrade to 5 and I paid 20 euros for the app back when it was released. And don’t come at me with that egotistical crap about paying every time there’s a new iteration, that’s the oldest excuse in the book.

Apparently previous Pro version are getting removed on 21/12 according to the dev. Pretty much means they’re telling you ‘‘either buy the Pro 5 or you’re fudged’’.