Migrating files from a computer to a NAS—Will I need to recreate my AppleTV Library?

I’ve been looking and the answer may be in the pantry right behind the ketchup, without me seeing it. (Or to use a southern turn of phrase, it may be where if it were a snake it would have already bit me.)

My situation—My files/movies/TV Shows are currently on a computer with multiple hard drives and shared over SMB.

I just bought a Synology NAS and I am in the process of copying over all my files to the NAS.

My files were all on old hard drives I had lying about, so it’s a mix of 6 folders on 2 hard drives, and I don’t think I can emulate the structure well on the NAS (and, frankly, don’t want to).

Is there (A) a way to migrate my library? Or (B) am I deleting my old files, importing the new ones into Infuse (by import, having Infuse scan the new ones), and rebuilding all my lists, etc?

Seems like maybe B is the option?

It will be a nuisance if it is, but this is still better than what I had, so if so I’ll do it.

(Plus, no, I don’t want to do Plex. Just want Infuse to automagically do its thing. I’ve gotten lazy in my older age. And you kids need to get off my dang lawn! <<Shakes old IBM 8088 At Tik-Tokers>> Although Plex is nifty . . . )

I’ll tell you the easiest way. First, do not delete your files from Infuse that are on your computer and drives, just copy everything over to the new NAS and then add the NAS as a new Share so you’ll actually have 2 of everything showing in Infuse for a short while. This way after Infuse scans the new NAS it will show everything as double but it will also maintain your watched status for everything and you won’t have to rebuild the library from scratch.

This means for a short while your old computer will be hosting files and the new NAS will be hosting duplicates of those.

Once you have everything with the NAS working and the library has added the NAS files THEN you can delete the old computer shares from Infuse and then tell Infuse to scan for changes. Infuse will then remove the old computer files since the share was removed and you’ll be left with all the history intact and you’ll be running off the new NAS.

Then you can remove the old files from the old computer or leave them as a doomsday backup in case the NAS takes a nose dive. :scream:

Hope that made sense. :wink:


Aye! Thanks! I was thinking of trying to do something like this, too.

Glad to know my guesses may work.

One thing I think may be an issue is the lists where I’ve added videos to them. (I.E., “Classic 80s Movies”, “Sports Movies”, and other ones I created and added stuff to.)

I had a bit of an issue when I added a new drive to the computer a bit back and moved things about.

Altogether, though, it’s still—in my experience—a better experience than KODI or PLEX or any of their ilk. A much more easy-going video library solution, and I’ve loved it for a couple of years now.

I can’t answer that with playlists since they weren’t a feature when I went to my NAS so you may have to rebuild your playlists but that’s faster than having to rebuild everything from scratch.

Also think through your file structure for the new NAS so it’s logical for growth. Start with say a main “Videos” directory with sub directories of say “TV Shows” and “Movies” to start with so you can add more sub directories in both as well as sub directories in the Videos file for other files you may want to view later.

In both my TV shows and Movies directories I put sub directories for each letter of the alphabet. That may seem like a lot but it sure makes it easy to keep track of things and if you have to move things it’s a bit easier.