Migrate libraries from 6 to 7

Here’s what else I’ve tried.

  • Reinstall 7 and restore subscription - no change
  • Disable sync on 7
  • Disable sync on 6
  • Re-enable sync on 6 and wait for sync to complete
  • Re-enable sync on 7 and wait for sync to complete (only a couple of seconds)

Still no files or shares on 7.

Zilchtastic! Not working for me too.

Another thing… wait… So I’ve been a PRO/PAID user since InFuse EVER started to charge for AppleTV. And now, migrating to v7 asks for a whopping lifetime membership? What about all the times I purchased every upgrade? What about loyalty?

You don’t have to go to a lifetime subscription, you could go to a monthly or annual subscription for a lot less and as long as you keep it current you’d get all future updates including major versions. Your subscription cost will also stay the same as long as you keep it active. Just throwing that out there in case you may have misunderstood the subscription plan.

Well, I’ve been an ardent supporter of FireCore since their first atv flash - of course I’ll go with lifetime. But the point here wasn’t about options. It was about loyalty.

So… no answer then? We’re just expected to set everything up from scratch once again?

Aside from playing videos, Infuse really only has one other job: to keep track of our libraries.

The only issue I’ve really ever had with Infuse is when it’s lost my library, on multiple occasions, usually as a result of upgrading it (which we’re always assured will never happen again). And at a cost to me of more money for the upgrade, and hours spent cleaning up the mess.

@james It’s been a week, and the silence from you is alarming, especially since this is not the first time this exact problem has happened to me and others.

This is a real issue, but you’re ignoring it. I can’t imagine treating my own customers this way.

What are my options here? Continue to be ignored by you and just manually update my damn library for like the 5th time? Ridiculous. You need to fix the icloud sync issues like you’ve been promising for ages now.

I’ve been supporting you guys by buying your software for years. Now that you’ve forced everyone onto a subscription, remind me why I’m paying for Infuse again?

I literally re-synced everything from scratch.

Enjoyed ZSJL all over again. Decided, I’ll move to the bedroom and continue watching.

Well, lo-and-behold… same drama all over again!

So much for being such an ardent supporter and even paying for the 7th update.

Practically atrocious!

An additional possibility is to go to the ATV settings > General > Usage Background App Refresh and make sure that Infuse is turned on (and all other turned off if you want to prioritize Infuse)

Probably not a fix but may help.

Already set in place. Everything is optimal for infuse to do is job. It’s literally INFUSE that isn’t doing its job!

Sorry for the radio silence here.

If iCloud is setup and working correctly, Infuse 7 will pull down info that has been saved in v6 and use that moving forward.

There are a few things to check to ensure iCloud is working as expected.

  1. Using the same iCloud ID on all devices (some people have different IDs for iCloud and App Store)
  2. iCloud Drive enabled on all devices (details here)
  3. iCloud Sync enabled in Infuse > Settings > Sync (both v6 and v7)
  4. Some free iCloud storage (details here)

Apple TV Note: Apple TV has support for multiple users. However, only the Default User will be able to sync with iCloud. If you are signed in with other users, you’ll want to check and ensure the user you want to sync with is set as the Default User.

Also, some things like Up Next list, Watched history, Playback position for in-progress items, and Ratings will only sync when Pro is active. You can confirm Pro is active by opening Infuse > Settings and confirming the Infuse Pro logo is visible there.

Once you have confirmed the above, you may try the following to kick start things.

  1. Delete the Infuse 7 app
  2. Open Infuse 6, and select the ‘Scan for Changes’ option in Settings > Library and allow it to finish
  3. Download the latest 7.0.1 app from the App Store
  4. Open Infuse > Settings > Library and monitor progress there

The migration process isn’t particularly fast, and it may take some time…especially if you have a large library. It’s best to leave the app open and allow the sync to finish, as this will be faster than relying on background updates.

If after trying the above the issue persists, please submit a report from both Infuse 6 and Infuse 7 and we can look into this further.

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I’ve given up expecting my STANDALONE v.6 watch history to show up in my now subscription v7

I noticed even with CLOUD sync on, you still had to re-create all the shares

I’ve also noticed that once shares were setup on v7, as soon as I installed v7 on another device (phone, computer) my shares self-created and media library started to fill without interaction.


I would best someone on subscription v6 going to v7 would work. They just forgot about us who have paid for STANDALONE (me since v.3)

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