Migrate libraries from 6 to 7

Have for V6pro and just got the v7 upgrade.

How do we migrate all shares, media, watches flags etc from version to version?

If u use iCloud Sync its automatic, so, just install/update and wait for it to recognize and reload your content.

Doesn’t work

Infuse 6 pro (stand-alone)

New infuse 7

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2 options:

  1. Click on “Buy Pro Version” and then click on restore purchase and wait. (Worked here on ATV)
  2. Add your sharing and wait.

What do you mean by “add your sharing”?

Do you have to re add all share locations, let it scan and it will then sync watched metadata?

Seems a strange way.

I also want to be able to connect to my qnap locally and remote. Do I have to have 2 seperate shares for the same data setup?

Yes, try the “strange way”. It worked for me.

Will give it a go.

Also, what’s the best way to setup for both local and remote access?

I have a qnap that I just SMB share to my Apple TV’s, phone etc, but I want to use FTP (can’t get WebDAV working) for phone and iPad for remote as well.

Do I have to set it up twice? Or move all shores to FTP only?

I migrated from Infuse 6 Pro standalone to 7 Pro, I have iCloud Sync on but it looks like there is no library or settings migration. Should I wait or do something or do I actually need to reconfigure from scratch ?

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It can sometimes take a minute or so to show up depending on your connection l. Maybe try just exiting the app and coming back to it?

I’ve been a paying pro customer for years, but every time I upgrade Infuse I’m met with no Library in the newer version.

Once again this it the case. Why is this always so hard? I have multiple shares, many thousands of files, and custom share icons. Setting these back up is a major pain in the butt, and takes literal hours to complete.

I thought icloud sync was supposed to prevent this, but apparently not. I’m seriously considering cancelling my Pro subscription and staying put on my paid-for Infuse 6 at this point.

Me too…i thought that all my shares and watched movie indicator etc. will sync. But now i had to index from the beginning and now my playlist and watched indicators are gone.
Did i do something wrong? I thought my library would be synced with the old from infuse 6?!

Are you upgrading from ‘Infuse 6’ to ‘Infuse 7’ or were you previously using ‘Infuse Pro 6’.

Previously on Infuse Pro 6, non-sub (paid outright). It’s still installed with my existing Library intact.

Me…from Infuse 6 Pro.
Now after a few syncs there are synced the Playlist. But the watched indicator is still wrong.

Next question: after “migration” from 6 to 7…will there be a “hint”/Infuse 7 declaration in the iCloud-Storage or will this stay with Infuse 6 pro? Look at my attach.

Any idea what’s going on here? Both apps are Pro, I have an active subscription on 7, Show Library is enabled, and I have icloud sync turned on in both apps.

6 has my library, and 7 is completely empty.

I’ve lost my library probably five times due to various Infuse errors in the past and I’m really not happy about having this issue all over again.

When installing Infuse 7, the existing data in iCloud for v6 will be found and then migrated to the new Infuse 7 format. This of course requires having iCloud Sync enabled in Infuse 6.

For larger libraries, this may take a bit of time but you can keep an eye on the progress by navigating to Infuse > Settings > Library.

In the past Apple has updated the name here depending on the app(s) which are installed, so the same may happen going forward. The name listed here won’t affect functionality in Infuse though.

This doesn’t work at all.

6 Pro:

7 Pro

I installed 7 and added a subscription over 18 hours ago now, and it’s found nothing since then.

Are you connecting to a media server like Plex, Emby, or Jellyfin? If so, you will need to login manually in Infuse 7.

Nope, just SMB shares on a Synology RAID.

iCloud sync is definitely on - I have 5x ATVs with Infuse 6 all syncing properly.

Occasionally one of them will get its metadata kicked off if the storage has seen a lot of use, and it will re-download it, so the sync is fine.

Did not work for me. The same. I use SMB share to connect network (HDD).