Micro USB Issues?

Is anyone having issues with Pwnage Tool not recognizing the Apple TV is connected?

I'm stuck at the "Connect device to USB" screen.



plug in your power cable it should help, then disconnect it when it asks you to do it.

I don't think you will be able to jailbreak tho...

so any updates on this?

I had the same problems when I used pwnage tool to jailbreak 4.0 firmware. But I found out I was using an inadequate micro usb cable. I realized the cable was for charging not a data cable… So I swapped out the micro USB cable with my psp mini USB cable and just attached a mini USB to micro USB adapter. It worked on the first try with the psp data cable. So, try to use a different cable… Hope this helps. G’ luck!

I was using the link Fire Core provided that sent me to Amazon. Can anyone provide a correct spec so I can order properly?



I used the AMAZON cable as recomended by FIRECORE also.  damn it.  Bet I might have a charge cable only, and not a data-charge cable as required.  Yes please supply a link to the correct cable, that includes DATA and CHARGE.