Micro USB cable seriously affects jailbreaking!



In the top town view the upper cable didnt work, itunes wouldnt see it when seas0npass was running its script. Sometimes I would get 1600 and 1601 errors.
The lower cable worked first time!  Notice how the upper cable has a strange indent in its head.

In the connector view again the upper one is the one that didn’t work.  Notice how it’s casing is considerably smaller.

Just thought I’d increase the knowledge that the micro USB cable can be the cause of problems! 

I suspect it may simply be a ‘quality of cable’ issue. Note that as the micro USB cable is also supplying power when jailbreaking and low quality cables may have significant power loss in the cable this can be a reason for the ATV not behaving as expected.

yeah actually I remember reading that the light was supposed to be blinking quickly before you enter DFU mode.  With the bad cable the lights seemed to be blinking 3 times then off for a second.

Makes sense that it would be a power issue.

The upper cable is like a charging cable that I have. It does not carry data, and can only be used for charging. I suggest marking it with a piece of tape for future reference.


The usb cable I have that fits in the Apple TV2 is called a mini-usb cable (even though it appears smaller than the micro-usb that powers my bluetooth headset).  I have a mini-usb to USB (PC) connector from Verizon for my mi-fi.  I actually have 2; one from an old phone.  Would these transmit data or just charge?  They are the only usb/mini-usb’s I have other than just an adapter plug that is mini on one end and usb to plug into computer on other end.  But it has no cable so wouldn’t support the ATV sticking out of the usb port on the Mac.  I have 2 pictures/tweets you can view at:  pic.twitter.com/VY9KKDJ3    and   pic.twitter.com/KGTD6w5ZX  @dmartin1910.  


If it came with a phone, and can be used for data (for example, to download pictures from the phone to a computer) then it should work.

If it was sold with a charging kit, or with a bluetooth headset with no data connectivity capabilities, then it may be a power-only USB cable with no data capability.

If I plug my Android Nexus phone into a charging cable, and connect it to a laptop USB port, then the charging indicator comes on. If I connect it with a data cable, then I get a USB connection dialog. This depends on the configuration of your phone. If your phone is setup to share data with a computer, you can do that as a test to determine what kind of cable you have.