Micro USB Cable for ATV2

I was having a terrible time with the jailbraking; stuck in looking for DFU mode or some such (can’t remember exactly).  

Anyhoo, after googling I found other folks having the same problems but there was a thread that basically stated that if you have connected your ATV2 to your PC/iMac via a micro USB cable, wherever you got the cable, and started iTunes, if iTunes didn’t recognize your device it was a cable issue. Period.

Based on that information, I searched for a Micro B to USB A cable and found one at Best Buy for $14.99.

Dynex™-3' Micro USB Charge and Sync Cable-DX-C114201 

SKU: 2620985

After connecting this cable, iTunes recognized my ATV2, restarted jailbreak and all was a success.  I tried all the other things regarding power and keyboard sequences but the final thing that worked was the correct cable.  

The cable I was trying to use at first was a WD HD micro cable.  I don't think it has the correct pin outs and its probably a proprietary cable.

Thanks for following up. The cable does indeed make quite a bit of difference.

For those looking for a new cable - a good, low-cost option can be found here.

Your reply makes a good point James.  The web price is definitely less expensive but crazy me, I wanted the cable NOW and was willing to pay the extra $'s since Best Buy had it in the store.  :-)

The value of instant gratification is priceless.  :slight_smile:

Thanks for the tip.  Yes indeed, it’s all about the cable.  I had a bad one, tried everything: plug power cable, unplug, press this and that button for such and such time… all the different combinations offered by just anyone on the Internet to get it into DFU mode, but just wouldn’t work.  Then bought another cable and it worked like a charm!