Micro freezes when subtitles appear

I saw this pop up in my email and wanted to hop in.

This problem occurs on MY ATV4K as well.

I tried figuring it out but came to a dead end. This doesn’t happen on the regular Plex client or Netflix either

Hopefully it’ll be solved anytime soon :crossed_fingers:t2:

1 year that it does not work, I do not believe in the miracle, and I believe that they are dependent on apple for certain possibility

Just trying to isolate the issue, what is the TV you use with Apple TV?

I’m using a Samsung KS8000

the problem of the beguement with the use of the subtitles, is a software problem

So I noticed this on mine as well (I watch misty anime so almost always subtitles) and I’ve found it randomly does it. The solution for me was pausing and resuming the episode. It goes back to smooth playback.

Match frame rate is in as well. Does this help your problem?

Ok, looks like this issue will remain unresolved :man_shrugging:t2:

I have this issue too - occurred when feeding into a lumagen scaler feeding a Sony Vw760ES projector. File is a 4k remux of Bad Boys for Life, occurred first time subtitles appeared, alomso tlike it took a split-second to load them.

The 6.4.8 update included a few under-the-hood performance improvements for subtitles, which appears to have resolve a few similar reports like this.

If you are still seeing issues in 6.4.8 (or later) please let us know.

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I am unfortunately still seeing this issue, although perhaps not as often as before this update.

I don’t know about the other people in this thread but I’m never having this problem on Blu-ray rips with Blu-ray subtitles. The problem seems isolated to subtitles embedded with WEB-DLs and WebRips and with subtitles downloaded through the built in opensubtitles function.

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