micro-cutting of sound with tvOS12

Hi everybody,

i’m french user of Infuse (sorry for my english), since i’m on tvOS12, i have all of the micro-cutting of sound (1second) on AppleTV 4K with all movies read on infuse.
Other people have this problem ?

my equipement :

Apple TV 4K, NAD T758V3, Panasonic 55FZ800

Thank you !

same thing here.
Apple TV 4K, QNAP NAS (PLEX), Phillips 55POS9002

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Can you check what the Surround Sound option is set to in Apple TV > Settings > Video and Audio?

You may also try updating to tvOS 12 beta 5 (released to developers today, public beta release probably tomorrow) to see if that changes anything.

thank you James,

the setting is “auto”

change format “off”
atmos “off”

I have make update 5 today, I test quickly and come back to you :slight_smile: (I have this problem since Beta 2)