Metadate for Animatrix

When I try to search for new Metadate in Infuse and search for “Animatrix”. I can not find anything. When I try to search on There I can find what I´m looking for. Can someone help me here?

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First, Infuse has switched to using TMDB for all metadata now.

Can you provide an example of exactly how you have a couple of the files named?

Thanks! I tried many different names… “Matrix S01EX…”, “The Matrix S01EX…” and I tried to change in manually and searching with the keyword Animatrix. There is no match in Infuse. What am I doing wrong? How can I proof, the Series is included in TMDB? If I search on the site, I can just find it as a Movie, not as a tv series with episodes. Is maybe this the reason?

The Animatrix is actually a collection of short feature films, not a TV series,

What TVDB had as Animatrix S01E01 is actually the feature film “Final Flight of the Osiris” from 2003.

If you rename the Animatrix S01E01 to “Final Flight of the Osiris 2003.ext” it should find it on TMDB. Also TMDB has set this as a Collection so Infuse will show all 9 movies under the collections tab in the Library as “The Animatrix Collection”

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