Metadatas (Élite)

Hey, is it possible to get Élite shorts (between s3 & s4) metadatas? Cause I can’t create it/ infuse found none

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They may be listed different on TMDB they show there so you may have to do an edit metadata or rename the files to have Infuse show them.

Can you give a few examples of how you have the ones not showing up file names?

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They showed up as a random movie named Elite (a action movie from 2017

A few file names would help us help you.

I named the file name “Elite short stories - nadia guzmán” like the movie data base. But now it accepted the name but there is no metadata

Try “Elite Short Stories Nadia Guzman S01E01.mkv”

There should be 3 episodes so change all the names accordingly.