running ATV2 beta with latest os.


in my tv folder (yes, its been marked as tv shows), i find that most of my shows doesnt get metadata… see attached pictures… for example, it doesnt recognize the national geo show called banged up abroad.  no cover art…etc… same for mayday, mega disasters etc…

and why do i have some folders with a movie strip on them and some with a folder??

well it seems i cant upload pictures on here… hopefully i can get help anyways

I expect that the ones that do not show as folders only have a single video file in them?    If so then this is intentional behaviour as in most cases such folders tend to be films.    If you want such folders to always show as folders add another (dummy) file to them.

no, all of them have seasons subfolders (ie season 1, seson2 etc…) and in those the files… this forum gives me an error message everytime i want to upload a picture…


anyone else?