Hi guys

the new version of Media Player is truly awesome. Finally I can play mkv movies without any buffering :slight_smile:

However, i’ve arranged my movies in folders. Folders containing video_ts and audio_ts folders show up with the correct metadata information in the folder list. The folders containing mkv files just show a picture of a folder. When I open the folder Media Player download the correct metadata for the movie. 

Is there a way to show the metadata for mkv files in the folder list, so I don’t have to open the folder to see the metadata?

Hope you guys know what I mean, else I can try and rephrase.


Thx in advance :slight_smile:

I do join!

But, i have one more Q: I have my metadata stored and media player show all fan art and other images as files. Is there any way to hide them? I don’t like it now. It is a mess there ;(

Is there a specific reason you’re placing each mkv file in its own folder?

Not currently, though we’re planning to add a filtering option in a future version.


I have a folder called Movies. In order to keep things organized i’ve placed all my movies in subfolders. Imo it creates a better overview and that way all my mkv and srt files don’t get mixed together.


As stated in my first post, the subfolders containing video_ts and audio_ts folders collect metadata perfect, but those folders containing mkv files won’t gather metadata unless I open the folder. Any way of fixing this?

same story here. I do it store movies/series in subfolders for same reasons.