I have the feeling that metadata (especially the picture/thumbnail part) is not retrieved until the movie is selected. This because it takes quite a long time to appear.


Is that correct and if so is there a way to retrieve all metadat so there are no more delays?


Correct. Metadata retrival is started once a file is selected.

A bulk metadata retrieval feature will be available un a future version.

Good news. Best news would be if the user could put …moviename…jpg next tot the …moviename…mkv/mp4/… Then retrieval would be unnecessary and for the user it is a one-time chore to do.



Have you tied this?  I thought I remembered seeing a post from James saying this would work.

Yes, manual cover art and metadata overriding is currently available.

Cover art: place image with same name (Inception.jpg) alongside the movie name.

Metadata: place xml file with same name (Inception.xml) alongside the movie name. (sample xml file attached)

Note: if metadata has already been fetched (or attempted) for the target item you will need to highlight the item, hold select and choose the ‘Reload Metadata’ option for the new info to appear in the menu.

Didn’t know. Indeed a nice feature. Especially since I have seen some (windows?) that create this in a batch form.

Cover art: What are the dimensions for the minimum and maximum?

Any image up to 300 KB in size can be used - MP will resize as needed.