Each time I open infuse
It wants to download around 3000-5000 thumbnails. Its the 64gb version so wondering why it keeps downloading these over and over ?

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Have you kept the app open and awake long enough to complete the downloads? That may take awhile but it will say complete when done. Infuse will try to resume the metadata download every time it starts. It can’t do in the background.

Yes ofc. Takes around 15 minutes for it To finish. Until I relaunch the app it starts all over

What type of device are you streaming from?

Are you using UPnP or DLNA by chance?

Only use plex connections. 4 of them (4 servers on same Account)
1 is lokal
3 others are on subnet via site-to-site VPN

Anything ?

It would probably be best to send in a report from your device and open a support ticket so we can look into this.

Sent one the 19 Oct. Use that one ? Always had this problem. P14Q2

The new 5.9 update has a number of improvements in this area which should help with indexing Plex servers.

Please give it a try and let us know how it goes.

Had to send a new diagnostic…
Updated the app
Open the app and let it download and fetch from the Plex servers. After 20 minutes it was done. I then turn off the Apple TV and went to bed. This morning I reopen the app and guess what. Redownload 6000 metadata thumbnails and so on


Thanks for the new report. We’ll take a look.

Sent a mail with this again

Just opened the app to watch. Under clear metadata it said 360mb where last night it had 13gb and I haven’t cleared it just turned off the Apple tv

We’ve tracked down and resolved this particular issue for the upcoming 5.9.1 update.

We expect 5.9.1 to be available on the App Store within the next few days.

Thanks for your patience. :slight_smile:

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