Metadata xml not being loaded

I have a bunch of movies that cannot be found in themoviedb or elsewhere for that matter. For these I am creating my own metadata files according to the guide on

I have been very thorough in doing so. The filename is exactly identical to the movie filename etc. etc. But yet nothing is happening. Whenever I try to reloead metadata, I only get a lot of suggestions that are completely wrong. I have tried restarting my ATV2, but also to no avail.

Please help. This is very annoying!


Also: I would love to see a “sort by” feature. To give you an example: I currently have the Alien quadrilogy in my library. I would like those four movies to be sorted chronologically along side each other, but because they are not named Alien 1, Alien 2, Alien 3, Alien 4, they are being sorted like this:

Alien, Alien 3, Alien 4 Resurrection, Aliens

So the sequel is now last in line… A “sort by” feature, would allow me to tell Media Player to sort by Alien 1, Alien 2 etc, but still keep the actual titles.

Thanks in advance!

Bump… Anyone??

Could you upload a sample XML file you’re using?

Sure. Thanks! I am not allowed to upload .xml files, so I just renamed the file to .jpg instead. Hope that works!

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So it looks like that particular file has 2 characters that are preventing the XML file from being recognized correctly.

“Õ” in Connor OÕBrien


“É” in kiddingÉor

Taking these two characters out allows the XML file to work as expected.

I suspect that those characters you mention need to be escaped to be valid XML?

So I tried removing the characters you suggested. But no luck. None of my .xml files are loading. Here’s another example (i’ll just paste it in here, since it’s very short):


<media type=“Movie”>


    <description>Dansk rollerblading</description>









        <name>Jonas Lynhr</name>



        <name>Anders Toxboe</name>



        <name>Anders Toxboe</name>



Hmm, are you naming the xml files with the exact same name as the video file?

E.G. Changes-1080p-superawesomevideo.mkv and Changes-1080p-superawesomevideo.xml

I just tried that exact file here and it seems to work just fine.


Yup… See my dump. When I try reloading metadata on the AppleTV, I just get a bunch of wrong suggestions. I am totally clueless.

In this example shown in the dump, the video file is .m4v. Don’t know if that means anything, but I have the same problem with .mkv files.

That is actually expected behavior. Media will find your XML file, but since there is no cover art it will prompt you to select a title so it can add an image to display along with the info from your XML file.

If you were to select a title from the list (it doesn’t matter which) you will see that title’s covert art, with your metadata. A way around this is to add your own cover art by placing an image with the same name alongside the video file.

E.G. MyVideo.avi and MyVideo.jpg

Great, thanks… I chose a random title from the list and it just loaded my custom metadata and cover art… So it worked, even though that was a bit strange :slight_smile:

Now if you could just implement my before-mentioned “Sort by” function, I would be very very happy (would be nice to sort out the chronology of my movies) :wink:

Thanks again!