Metadata wrong language

Friends, help please !!

Both the Infuse for Aptv and the Iphone are presenting Metada in portuguese of portugal even configured for portuguese of brazil.
The films download the correct cover, but the title and the information is in Portuguese of Portugal!
And there are some differences of Lingaguem between Portuguese from Brazil and Portugal.

Can you correct ?!

I love the program, and that’s just missing it for it to be 100% perfect for me!

Thank you

Sorry, my english from google translator.

Below is an example:
Monstros Fantásticos e onde Encontra-los (Portugal)
Animais Fantásticos e Onde Habitam (Brazil)

This is something we’re looking into, and should have resolved in 5.4.

Thank you very much!
Is there any forecast for the release !?

I have a similar problem ! I set up my metadata to be in French by sometimes it is and sometimes it is not ! Why ?

5.4 is currently under active development, and we’re hoping to have it available soon.

With regard to French metadata, Infuse will attempt to fetch details for all your videos in French - however, in cases where French metadata is not available on TMDb/TheTVDb for a particular title then Infuse will fallback to English.

Five years latter and this problem is still present.
Infuse are scraping metadata from Portugual Portuguese instead of Brazilian Portuguese.


Are you still running Infuse 5?

v7.4.3 on MacOS

You may want to update to the latest release.

If that doesn’t help could you give some specific examples of shows not working for you?

I updated a few minutes ago but it makes no difference. (This issue also happens on Apple TV.)
This problem happens with every TV show. It ignores pt-BR metadata and only sees pt-PT. Since there is no region differentiation for the images, they work perfectly.

Take “Batman - The Animated Series” as an example. There is no metadata with the name of the episodes and synopsis in pt-PT, but this information is complete in PT-BR.

I deliberately inserted only the title of E01S01 in the pt-PT metadata on TMDB site and bang! This is the only information InFuse has downloaded in my pt-BR app.