Metadata - works for iOS but not tvOS


Have a Swedish children’s show called Madicken. On my iPhone the metadata works and I get the right cover but for my Apple TV the cover doesn’t show.
Can find the right show/movie when I search for it but the cover doesn’t change when I try.
The show is also a movie (they did a movie of the first 4 episodes) and that’s maybe why it doesn’t work properly.

Have tried to change name in the files.
The file names are: Madicken S01E01 - Sommardag på Junibacken …and so on…

Any suggestions?

Are you streaming from the same share on both devices?

Is ‘Metadata Fetching’ enabled on both devices, and do you happen to have the ‘Embedded Metadata’ option enabled on either device?

Yes, same share

Yes, all other metadata fetch work for the hundreds of movies/series I have. It’s only this one that’s really strange.

No, it’s turned off on my iphone (on my way to work right now so don’t know about the appletv yet). But don’t think I have change it from default.

Embebbed metadata is turn off on both devices

Are both devices set to use the same language?

Have you manually adjusted the metadata language setting found in Infuse > Settings?

The upcoming 5.6.7 includes a few fixes for TV shows, so this might be worth trying this as soon as it’s out.

Both devices has metadata language set to auto.

Found the problem. Think my 2 year old have pressed the Apple TV remote and chose Local metadata for that folder. That’s why this one did’t show up properly (it was the latest show inserted to that folder). Changed it and now it get the right metadata.

Thx for the help!