Metadata won't change to 'TV' from 'Movies' default

Since updating to 1.7 on my ATV2, I can’t change metadata for folders in Media from the default ‘movies’ to ‘TV’. Holding down the centre button gives me the onscreen option to scroll down and change but as soon as I click ‘TV’, the window closes, and when I go through the process of holding down the button and open again the option is back to ‘Movies’. Also, and perhaps related, I can’t clear or turn off metadata in settings. Also, ‘Recently Watched’ is still stuck on the files I watched just before updating from 1.6 to 1.7 and can’t be cleared in Settings.

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks in advance!

Almost sounds like your share is set to read only. Try connecting from another computer and see if you can write files to it.

Thanks for the reply. Actually, it gets stranger. I checked my Share under Media Settings and my Username and Password were gone. Re-entered them, tested connection and all good. Back tro Media folders and still couldn’t change metadata. Back to Manage Shares and Username and Password blank again. 

Anybody have any ideas what the problem is?

Now solved. Used my earliest backup (I guess from the time of the seasonpass 5.1 jailbreak) and all back to normal.