Metadata Wipe

Has anyone else been having an issue where metadata is being wiped from their AppleTV every few days or so? The screen pops up stating that the system is running out of room, etc. About a month ago I got so tired of this happening that I removed all other apps from the ATV and stopped downloading Aerial screen savers. When the metadata is fully downloaded it uses about 2GBs, so that’s not very much, especially when there’s nothing else on the device.

Any suggestions?

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This just happened to me again when TV OS updated, very frustrating! It’s happened at least a half dozen times and it takes forever to rebuild the data. I have the iCloud feature turned on but I’m not sure that it really helps at all, I still have to fix the things that don’t identify properly also. It’s getting really old.

It’s definitely getting frustrating. We sit down to enjoy a movie or TV show when we finally get time together and instead we have to deal with this.

Like yourself I have iCloud enabled, but it never works. What I watch on one device (with iCloud enabled) doesn’t show up as watched or being watched on the other devices. Also, metadata collects so incredibly slowly. At this point it’s hard to believe it’s my device’s memory being full, since there’s only Apple proprietary apps installed on the device, which I don’t use any of.

If you have the Apple hires screen savers activated and set to update then this can consume a LOT of the available storage. This is of particular concern if you only have a 32GB Apple TV.

“I removed all other apps from the ATV and stopped downloading Aerial screen savers.” I have a static screensaver and have disabled the hi-res screensavers. I did that a month ago, but this problem keeps persisting.

Unfortunately, we don’t have much control over if or when this happens, as it’s a housekeeping task performed by tvOS when the device gets low on space.

If you are using Infuse Pro, you will be able to pull most things down from iCloud very quickly. A bit more info on the types of things synced to iCloud can be found here.

It’s laughable that you marked this as solved. It’s most certainly not solved.

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