Metadata via iCloud Sync?

Do metadata from one device (iPhone) sync to another device (Apple TV) via iCloud if the shares on both devices are the same? Both are using the same Apple ID too.

Looking at the “Library” settings, I noticed that the number of titles differ greatly between the two devices. Not sure if something is wrong or if metadata sync is actually not a feature.

Differ in what way? Artwork by chance?

For example, in the “Library” setting, if says there are about 150 films on the Apple TV, but on the iPhone, it says about 300. The iPhone number is closer to the actual number.

Not sure if I should be using the “metadata” term for this scenario though!

You can have different favorites selected on iOS and Apple TV which can impact the library numbers. The favorites included in the library can be seen in Settings > Library.

They have the same favourites selected. Nonetheless, they are both showing the same numbers now. I recall they used to show the same numbers, but Infuse on Apple TV suddenly lost a lot of the films from the interface today, which prompted me to check the library and to discover the much lower numbers.

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