Metadata(Title Cover) issue with DVD folders

I’ve been using this metadata 101 guide # Folder Artwork for many of my titles. Today I found that it does NOT work with DVD folders.
Screen Shot 2020-07-15 at 3.06.20 PM

Infuse on my apple TV 4k does NOT use the folder.jpg inside the DVD.Title directory.
But that DVD.Title.jpg file does work.
I want everything to be grouped inside one folder so I prefer that folder.jpg/folder.png way.

BTW, for BDMV folders, it works. I can’t figure out why this does NOT work with DVD folders.

I just rebuilt my library with tinymediamanager to get the right information locally in Infuse. I use DVD folders structure.
No matter how much I change the names of the images and the name of the nfo file, I can’t get any results in Infuse. No image and no metadata are used one my Apple TV 4k…

Do you have any ideas ?

Have you tried putting the .jpg and .nfo at the same level as the film/dvd folder and not in the folder?

Thank you for the answer, indeed I had not thought of that! It seems to work, but it’s not practical at all. do you think there is a solution / option to force to use the metadata contained in the same folder?

Thank you

PS: Same problem here

I have the same problem here , did you find a solution?
It would be great if Firecore could fix this.


For now I use that alternative way mentioned in the OP.

Can you explain more. I still can’t get this to work,

Did you try putting the new artwork for the movie in the same directory as the movie folder, not inside it?

I placed the artwork in the movie_name folder where the video_ts and audio_ts folder is.

Try moving it up one level so the artwork is in the same directory as the movie name_folder.

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Many thanks. Your remark gave me succes!

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