Metadata storage

I have about 2500 episodes and 350 movies residing on a network server (mede8er). I have a 64 GB apple TV which is only used for Infuse. Metadata fetching is on and embedded metadata is off. The ATV is only connected to the internet only when i need to update my files.
Infuse information says that my metadata is 7GB (Clear all metadata) .

However according to the apple TV storage management Infuse uses about 50MB. So where does infuse store all the artwork and metadata it scrapes of the internet.

Yeah, would like to know the answer to this as well

I cleared the metadata because of a problem with artwork (see related post) and after rescanning, the metadat is now indcating about 750MB.
Makes me feel a whole lot better.

Metadata is stored on the Apple TV itself, though for Infuse 6 Infuse will be able to sync this info to iCloud as well.

FWIW, 7GB seems a bit high, but 750MB seems about right.

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