Metadata Storage is Adding Up

So my metadata storage is starting to become a problem… I’m not sure if there is an issue with my settings or perhaps Infuse is storing multiple meta entry duplicates.

My Infuse Library View currently has about 800 movies + about 1500 episodes — my metadata storage is currently taking up 3GB of space!! Something must be wrong, because that is way way too much space…

I have included screenshots to clarify the issue.

Mind sending in a quick report so we can check if anything fishy is going on?

Ok! Support Email has been sent from the iOS app.

Mine is up to 3GB too - I’ve had to remove infuse from my iphone to save space…
That’s a lot of space on a device just to show cover images!

Thanks for the reports.

We’re revamping a few things in the 5.6 update to ensure thumbnail sizes are kept to a minimum, which could help in cases like these. 5.6 will be out in early November.

Good to hear!

Just wondering, if I have an MP4 that has already been fully tagged (poster & tvdb info) using Subler. Am I wasting space by NOT setting that file or folder to local embedded metadata? Or is Infuse smart enough to know that it doesn’t have to store my embedded meta & fetched metadata? Obviously, this example would be while I have both Fetching and Embedded Metadata ON.

I just want to make sure Infuse isn’t storing duplicates, because I have A LOT of mp4’s that are embedded fully with tvdb tags, but I decide to NOT to set them to local metadata, and just let Infuse figure it out for itself.

It won’t really matter whether you’re using embedded, external, or online metadata. Infuse will read that metadata/artwork and cache it locally on your device in an optimized format to allow for fast loading.

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Metadata in latest version now up to 4GB!

Metadata in latest version now up to 4GB!

My metadata storage was previously a little over 3GB (with Infuse v5.5). Now with the v5.6 update, my storage has dropped to about 2.3GB — which still seems excessive, but I’ll admit its better than before…

I have included two screenshots — one of my Infuse Library Index & another of my iPad’s Storage space. It can be compared to the previous attachments I shared in post #1

A number of optimizations for metadata storage will be available in the upcoming 5.6.1 update.

Stay tuned.

5.6.1 is now available with a number of optimizations with regard to library size.

I just installed 5.6.1 onto my new iPad Pro, and you will be happy to know that my Metadata storage has dropped down to 1.2 GB. This size seems a lot more manageable!

I have included 2 updated screenshots again — if you could please look at the size of my library and let me know if you think 1.2 GB sounds like the right size it ought to be…



For that size library, 1.2 GB seems reasonable.

hi there,
I would like to love an option to setup the maximum metadata storage size, or something like that.
I bought the app for a few hours ago, to connect my plex server, and watch series with direct play on my Iphone → it works, thanks!

But the metadate of my library eats up all my free space on the device (1000 movies, 15k episode)
And I have a 16GB only phone… :frowning:
Max 200MB
I would love to see only metadata for “on my deck” series & movies, nothing more.

hopefully now it’s finished, the metadata is now 380MB

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