Metadata still wrong

Infuse became worse and worse in terms of metadata. Since weeks there is an error and also there are now many more wrong entries in the metadata. I live in a German-speaking country, but if I take the movie “Up” from 2009 as an example, some documentary film from Bavaria (Germany) is loaded.

When I edit the metadata, the wrong image is still displayed. This issue is for weeks!

I have Infuse Pro 6.4.4 (Apple TV )

How do you have the file named for “Up”?

In German „Oben (2009)“.

The other issue is, that i change the linked metadata manually but the cover is still wrong / the old one.

If you’re up to an experiment, could you try naming the file “Up 2009” just as a test?

Also, as a side note there are no German posters on TMDB that are of the correct size. They have a requirement that the posters be a ratio of 1:1.5 so sizes should be like 1000x1500.

I’ve noticed there are several posters that don’t meet their requirements and I don’t think they will be sent when incorrect.

And why did it work with the German cover until a few months ago?

If you browse around the rest of the forum you’ll see several threads about TMDB doing a change of artwork and metadata and an API change. There were many posters that disappeared after the revamp and several new ones added. They also tightened the requirements on size for the posters.