Metadata, still different from devices

I’m now thinking this metadata database issue is an actual bug in Infuse 6.

I’ve now seen the same problem, that is a larger than normal database that results in a very slow display of my main movie database which in my case, is managed by Plex. And when I mean slow, the library list might show up in several minutes but I’ve let it go for half an hour before aborting it. I have over 1200 movies in my Plex database which normally translates on an Apple TV to a 1 GB database. But in the last few weeks I’ve seen the problem result on these devices:

Apple TV 4K (my home theater), tvOS 13 beta, database 22GB
Apple TV 4K (bedroom), tvOS 12.4.x, database 22GB
Apple TV 1080p (sun room), tvOS 12.4.x, database 14GB
iPad Mini, iOS 9, database 425MB

It’s the last one that was really told the tale. It’s the least powered device I have and I normally just keep it for bedside. It’s basically obsolete except that some app makers still support iOS 9 like Infuse. It ended up with the same symptoms as the Apple TVs. In all cases, Infuse is getting most of its content from the Plex server with the exception of a Blu Ray SMB server I keep for 4K’s I buy and rip (and I don’t add that for the 1080p Apple TV or the iPad Mini). In all cases, asking Infuse to delete the metadata database doesn’t work (but the application doesn’t return an error). The only way to fix the issue is to delete Infuse 6 and start over again, which forces the database deletion from tvOS/iOS.