Metadata sorting problem

I have 2 Sherlock Holmes series.

Tried different naming conventions to get the metadata correctly. Infuse fails all the time.

The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes or Sherlock Holmes (1984)
Sherlock Holmes (1954)

a) When I change metadata for one - choosing the correct one, metadata for the other one changes as well, to the same one. When I go to the other one and change it to the other one, same thing happens again
b) The newer at least gets sorted, the older ones, stays on top as a folder, although the metadata for that series is loaded properly → this also happens for other shows. While I see all the series loaded correctly, the main level is shown as a folder at the beginning, not with the rest of the sorted shows (Hustle, McHales Navy, HIMYM, Poirot, Forever, House of Cards (both US and UK) Firefly, Randall and Hopkirk… and other)

I have also tried to set naming convention (of the files) Sherlock Holmes 1954 S01E01 → this was not recognised at all, had to change back to Sherlock Holmes S01E01, for the file to be recognised.