Metadata - SMB vs UPnP/DLNA

Hi all

A strange phenomena I have encountered (with actual release and beta from today): with SMB (Apple time capsule) all metadata is fine with series (“Serie” → “Season x” → “serie_Sx_Exx”) but with UPnP/DLNA (WD My Cloud) the artwork is only displayed inside the “Season x” folder…

When I had those series in the shared videos folder of the My Cloud (mixed with the movie files) the series showed the artwork on the first level (“Season x1”, “Season x2” etc.). So still different than the time capsule but still better than when in a separate public folder…

Any ideas?

Same here. I think its because of the folder structure dlna uses.

I will move now all series to the time capsule - but in the long run this can’t be a solution.

James? Do you need more info about this? I can send you videos…

+1 here too. Can you please give the proper specs on how to name the TV Show using UPnP DLNA ?

Unfortunately, this is expected. UPnP/DLNA groups things into media type categories, and will only index/share the selected media type.

I.E. Videos will index and share video files, Audio will index and share audio files, and Images will index and share image files.

If you have the iOS version of Infuse handy you can see a complete list of the files your server is making available to Infuse by browsing the share through the Add Files menu.

Thanks for the answer !
What’s the issue then, as all TV show files are videos, they should be grouped together… This is already what’s happening when grouping episodes in the same folder no ?

It’s a little hard to say exactly.

For TV series, Infuse currently relies on a specific folder structure if you want to organize things into folders (more info here Metadata 101 – Firecore Support) though keeping everything in a single folder will work fine too. If your server is changing the organization at all, that can lead to unexpected results.

With that said, this all will be a moot point once we finish implementing library view, as Infuse will group and display everything nicely with full artwork, no matter how things are organized or how the server presents them to Infuse.

Thanks for the explanations, glad there is ongoing work on these subjects :slight_smile: