Metadata size (especially with Plex)

I completely understand the metadata cache for local network,FTP, etc… media, but I am confused regarding the cache for Plex servers. From what I can tell, the metadata cache keeps increasing while loading artwork from plex servers. I have a very large plex library and therefore, my metadata cache would be bigger than the available space on my IOS device. When I use the plex app, I am able to see all metadata from the plex server and the app only take up 150mb. Can you please modify how infuse works so that plex data does not use metadata cache and works the same as the plex app or MrMC. In the current situation it doesn’t make sense to use infuse for plex.

Any progress on this? I would like to connect a Plex server with a very large library to Infuse on my Apple TV. Trying to find out if it will just use the Plex assets or if it will still cache all the metadata locally.

I believe you can adjust the caching behavior for Plex:
Cache streaming settings - #2 by james

I replied to your other post here.

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