Metadata search not working yet show exists in TMDB and TVDB

Watching a show called Agent X but the automatic Metadata feature does not work.
When I try to manually search for the show (just by typing agent in the search bar), it does not find the show.
If I look on TMDB and TVDB, the show is definitely there.

Any ideas?


I have the same problem. Using a PLEX share, the metadata works, and I can find a lot of options under “edit metadata”, besides the show itself.
However, when using a windows share, it fails to find anything. I’ve also checked and the show is there, in great detail.

How are you shows named?

You will want to ensure you’re following one of the naming styles as described in the link below, otherwise Infuse will classify the video as a movie and you won’t be able to search for the correct TV show.

Well its stored in the standard way, pretty much. Some anime only have a single season, so I haven’t put that into a folder called season one.

Anime\Trigun* - 01.avi → * - 26.avi

If that is wrong, then at least lemme feature request manually adding artwork for it (or maybe setting the folder to “anime” or series, and then have some logic parse it.

Currently online databases return nothing relevant.

Just based on how things are categorized at TheTVDb, every series has a season - even if it’s only 1.

It looks like Trigun also has a special, which is classified as Season 0.