Metadata resets

Has anyone else experienced this issue? This is the third time now that my metadata has completely reset. I open the app and it scans for new content and just wipes out everything (Says no movies/TV shows). Then I scan again and it picks everything up, but it starts the entire process of tagging all videos from scratch, thereby losing all of my custom matches and taking forever since I have a large collection.

It’s pretty frustrating so wondering if anyone else has seen this and if it is on the radar for a fix?

+1 to this issue. In my case, the video metadata somehow finds its way back, but also when the metadata finally refreshes, it rebuilds video data from Z-A and not last added as before. Quite frustrating.

Yep, same here. Forgot to even mention that but that is the most frustrating part is losing all my recent adds and just having Z-A.

Glad I’m not the only one, but hope this is something that can be looked at/fixed.

Yep, constantly. It’s annoying and makes the Library unusable. As soon as I click “Library” it starts to update and everything is gone.

I also have had this issue arise a couple of times. The library was up to date(I had just manually triggered a scan) and I watched a movie only to loose all metadata after returning to menu. I have a pretty large library and it takes hours to get all that metadata back. I have “Special Editions”, “Directors cuts” and “International cuts” of several of my movies so I cannot turn off embedded metadata to make the rescanning time shorter. Then I have to manually match, make corrections and edit metadata. It’s allot work to do when all of my files have extensive metadata already built in. Also, my top shelf for the computers app has my most recent added/watched correct at all times. Every time I loose my metadata or Firecore puts out an update, my “recently added” on the Infuse apps top shelf reverts to reverse alphabetical order. It’s frustrating. I really like being able to connect directly to my NAS, the new voice search feature is fantastic and being able to select audio tracks are the features that keep me using this great app. However, I have multiple playlists in the computers app that offer way more than what’s in the current Infuse Library. They are smart playlists so they update immediately when add a file to iTunes. I really woudn’t need metadata fetching at all if Infuse would read and use all of my files existing metadata. I use the iDentify App to tag all my files, so I know the mpaa ratings are there as well as the cast list, etc. If I turn off metadata fetching Infuse will not display any of this. My files are tagged either movies or tv shows and Infuse ignores this as well and throws everything into other in the library. But hey it shows the files encoding is H.264 and its resolution because that’s important when choosing a movie to watch with the family, not what it’s mpaa rating is. I could go on, but this has already turned into diatribe. I hope in future updates that the embedded metadata in files will get full use in the Library and take priority over not just the artwork but the mpaa ratings, media type(movie or tv show) and more. Otherwise, the library will remain useless to users like me who have already done the work tagging everything and don’t wish to be at the mercy of any online services that may or may not be experiencing outages at the time of use.

Same happened to me before an hour!

I just started using the Apple TV version and noticed two titles I changed reverted back. Hope it gets fixed soon.

+1 same here

Count me in too… using the latest 5.2.1 with latest tvos…

Files located on NAS connected via smb

The watching list still intact, only the library resets

Have been experiencing this since pretty much the Library feature was implemented, it’s (Library) never worked for me. I think it may (??) have to do with SMB shares that aren’t always online (my NAS drives go to sleep - could this be part of the problem??), so it thinks a share has disappeared until the drives wake up and Infuse rediscovers the files are there but then it has to scrape (scrobble) the files again as new and add them back into the Library. I have tried updating library over and over and it keeps finding new stuff for some reason.

For me Library, while a great feature, has never worked for me, I still have to navigate by physical share. I keep hoping the feature gets fixed in a future update and have not yet turned it off, but it’s a feature that is useless for me at this point, sadly.

@albinousrex I had the same impression! my NAS sleeps aswell. And after that starts over and over again. I tried SMB and NFS connection. Makes no difference.

Same here. It’s been fine for months. No changes to sources or recent changes to Apple TV OS but library metadata just vanished. Had to rescan (very slow). But then need to go back and tweak all the ones that are wrong. Lost my background images on thumbnails too.