Metadata Refresh

Because I have been so happy with the way Infuse handles the newer audio formats, I am going back and re-ripping some of my blu-rays with better audio quality. The problem is, when I replace the file, infuse refuses to recognize that it’s actually a new file with updated specs. Any way to force a metadata refresh on just one file?

I’ve had this same issue. It would be nice to delete metadata for just a single file.

Good idea. I generally get around it by deleting the file, rescanning the directory and then re adding the file.

You can refresh metadata/artwork for a single file by using the Edit option and re-selecting the appropriate title.

This will regenerate all info for this specific file without affecting others.

Thank you James that did the trick. I failed to realize that selecting the same title would force a refresh.

Editing the metadata replaces the embedded metadata with fetched. This is a no go for those of us who don’t use fetched data. I will continue to use the rescan directory trick that snow66 mentioned. I still think a delete metadata option for a single file would be great.

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