Metadata recursively search

Hi! Using your media player is a bigger pleasure then XBMC, because it is native, quite simple and working great for me. And, of course, i’m looking forward to buy final version of atv flash. 

But, here is a small question: is there any way that metadata could do search recursively in folders.

My filesystem is, like i think many here, is the following:













Ok, smth like this. Soooo, when I browse my VIDEO FOLDER i would love to see poster icons of my movies, but not grey folders icons. And… i just mentioned that is working with my series, but not movies. Why is that so? Thank you!


Pretty much how it works in XBMC and Plex then?

I’d add to this that I’d like it to recognise split films - e.g. one that is split into two files with the same file name in a folder with the same name.  Sure I could manually join them, but I have a couple with subtitles for each part too - this would be very difficult to join!

We’ll see what we can do.  :wink:


great! thanks!!

Hi there, i’d like to bump this suggestion, it would be great to be able to specify for a particular view that files should be recursively scanned, just like we can change the content type and layout.

I’ve split my movies in to


Movies / New Movies

/ Watched movies


I currently have a favourite for new and watched, but i’d love a 3rd which is “all movies” which would recursivly scan down the entire movies folder. You could then, if you wanted to, sort movies even further, down by Series - James Bond, Marvell, Kevin Smith, Tarantino etc…

Thanks very much! :) 


Coming soon.  :wink: