Metadata program?



Is there a program that can create metadata for atv2 firecore mediaplayer? I think a program like Tvixie to Dvico Tvix media center.

I’d also like to know this as well

If you’re using Windows this program is quite good:

It doesn’t create meta data, but it can batch rename your files so Media Player can scrape meta data from

See this post and the one after it for steps and troubleshooting tips.

Hi Jonez,

I’m not using Windows as such, but I do have VMFusion with Windows on it & do use The Renamer to change my file names. I’m more after something that can create XML files for my movies as currently it’s scraping information that corresponds to US ratings & I would like to use UK film ratings & information from say IMDB. I’m not sure if there is any program like this for Mac or Windows?

I was using Ember Media Manager for XBMC, but this put’s all information into an NFO which MP doesn’t use & also adds loads of fanart etc that MP picks up as separate images when scrolling though your films or TV Shows.

Thanks again